Welcome to Argentina!

Argentina is one of the most exciting countries that you should visit in South America. As a matter of fact, a lot of tourists refer to it as the Buenos Aires of South America. Thanks to the cultural mix of American and European bringing together a variety of people and backgrounds. Here are some tips when you visit Argentina.

Set aside the effort to see less-visited sights. 

At the point when you previously hit the ground (indeed, smoothly score) in Buenos Aires, there are a couple of exemplary attractions that you will tick off the “To-See” list (Caminito Street, La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Retiro Cemetery, San Telmo market). These are largely the areas of interest discussed in manuals, the standard vacationer charge, everything being equal, to Buenos Aires. 

Attempt a steak (or five). 

Argentina is world popular for its meat. The steaks in Argentina are generally acceptable worth and totally delightful. Getting meat squeeze everywhere on your fingers and face at a run of the mill asado is a fundamental encounter when going in Argentina. 

Learn (a few) Spanish. 

Regardless of whether you simply take a couple of exercises in your first week, it is a smart thought to gain proficiency with a touch of Spanish when you travel to Argentina. There are heaps of private language schools where you can take exercises, however you can likewise mastermind one-on-one exercises with neighborhood coaches. You will rapidly spot postings on the web and on light posts offering the administrations of Spanish educators. Arranging an easygoing Spanish class in a bistro in Buenos Aires is an incredible method to foster conversational Spanish abilities, with jargon you will use in everyday life (beginning with how to arrange an espresso). 

Embrace the cheek kiss. 

Aside from formal or expert cooperations, most welcomes and farewells in Argentina include the cheek kiss (which is truly to a greater extent a cheek contact). It is a warm and agreeable approach to welcome individuals, however can come as somewhat of an unexpected first occasion when you travel to Argentina. Try not to blow a gasket over outsiders attempting to kiss you; simply go with it, and at last it will begin to seem like natural. 

Stay safe. 

In large urban communities, as Buenos Aires, keep your brains about you and an eye on your possessions consistently. Traveler areas of interest like La Boca and San Telmo are famous for pickpockets, who will cheerfully assuage you of your camera or cell phone in the event that they find the opportunity. It is anything but a smart thought to meander around alone into the evening, and on the off chance that you will take a taxi ensure it is from a trustworthy organization (some of the time it is smarter to require a taxi than to flag down one in the road).

The Best Places to Visit in Macau for a WOW holiday

Macau is also known as the ‘ Vegas of China’ because of the wide array of fun you can enjoy in this city. If you are having a vacation in Hong Kong, you can actually just ride a ferry and cross to Macau. 

You’ll find almost everything in Macau from gambling clubs to Disneyland, and an assortment of tourist spots. There are just too many to mention, so if you’re on a short trip you won’t probably be able to see everything. But don’t fret. In this blog, we have listed some of the best places that you can stop by in Macau.

Entertainment in the City of Dreams

Situated in Cotai, City of Dreams is a hello there tech and sparkling diversion zone and extremely well known among Macau vacation spots. Nightlife in City of Dreams is simply astonishing with shining gambling clubs, stunning discotheques, rich bars, wonderful clubs, astounding live exhibitions, snazzy facilities, fancy eateries of worldwide cooking and planner brand shopping.

See a Courtyard Style Mansion at Mandarin’s House

Situated by the side of Lilau Square, Mandarins house was the living arrangement of Zheng Guanying who was an energetic shipper of current China. A wonderfully architecture yard style house, this fascination turned into an UNESCO world legacy site in 2005 and considered as the piece of the Historic Center of Macau. This old landmark was completed in 1894 and following an 8 years of redesigning and renovation, this landmark was re-opened for public viewing in 2010.

Immerse in Macau’s Culture in Taipa Village

Only a couple of steps from Macau’s renowned Casino strip lies this customary town which is probably the best zone of the city. This town mirrors the social side through its noteworthy structures, exhibition halls, displays and shops which have remained there since bygone eras. Enhanced with passerby roads and wonderful rear entryways, it is one of the fascinating spots to visit with regards to Macau.

Don’t forget the Macau Tower

Macau Tower is a huge milestone of the city, known for a-dazzling perspective from the-main, a great structure, and a mind boggling development. Developed by Gordon Moller, this delightful structure (338 m long) is one of the stunning spots to visit in Macau. 

It has perception decks and parlor, film, caf-, spinning deck and experience zone. Additionally, the most enchanting and energizing movement identified with Macau Tower is moving on of the universes second most elevated bungee hopping base.

 Here is a list of more places that you may want to visit in Macau:

• Anthophiles must visit the Flora Garden

• Get in touch with the culture at Coloane

• See the largest man-made fountain in Asia at Nam Van Lake

• Have fun in Warner Brothers Fun Zone

• Experience electrifying rides at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Park

• Adventure seekers must experience the Skycap Cable Car

• Interact with pandas at the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

• See the Macau Peninsula

• See the Dom Pedro V Theatre: For Architecture Enthusiasts

• Go to church at St Dominic’s Church: For A Connection With The Divine

• Walk at the cobblestoned church square in St Augustine’s Square

• See the bronze Lotus Square

• Visit the sacred Japanese, Puji Temple: Sacred Japanese Temple

• Experience beach delight at Cheoc Van Beach

The Best Hotels Near Downtown San Antonio

When having a vacation, many of us would want to stay in a place that has access to food. Obviously, there is no better place than staying in the downtown area considering the many facilities that surround it. If you are more like a city girl than an urban traveler, we have listed the best hotels that are located near the downtown area in San Antonio.

Hotel Emma

This hotel does not have any on-site spa but it offers great rooms for tired travelers. Located in downtown San Antonio, Hotel Emma is perfect for tourists who want to bike around the city as it offers a complimentary bike for its guests. The rooms are large enough and each room is exceptionally styled and furnished.

Mokara Hotel & Spa

Located near the San Antonio’s River Walk, this hotel is an ideal place for travelers who desire for comfort and style. It features spacious and elegant rooms within an impeccable dining and downtown location. We just love the swimming pool on the rooftop. Every room also has a balcony that lets you enjoy looking over the River Walk. The rooms are fresh and breezy amidst the located in a busy area. One thing we love is that this hotel is a pet-friendly one which means you can tag your fur best friend along with you to enjoy its huge rooms

St. Anthony

Originally built in 1909, St. Anthony remains to be a wonderful romantic hotel destination. It features an upscale restaurant called REbelle where you can take your data with you. The rooms are cozy and the interiors are very elegant. Since it is located downtown, it is close to the Buckhom Saloon and Museum.

Hyatt Regency

Surrounded by a plush green golf course, Hyatt Regency hotel feels very Texan. The style and character follows the Ranch Style. You are going to love its natural settings much more because of the Windflower Hill Country Spa. It is hard to remember that you can be in the city when you stay at the Hyatt Regency allowing you to have more relaxation time with your significant other. You have the option to stroll around the surroundings and talk about good times or simply take a dip in their spa and enjoy a romantic date together.

Things To Remember Before Touring NYC

Do you only have a day to tour in New York? That is not a problem. There are many places to go in New York that will make your day tour truly remarkable.

New York is one of the modern cities of the United States where the iconic Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park Broadway Theatre are located. If you are only here for a day, here are some of the important things you should know before visiting this city.

Get Your New York Pass

New York is a big city with lots of things to do and see. First time travellers can really make use of the New York Pass to save time, money, and enjoy a stress-free sightseeing.

Your New York Pass includes a pick from over 100 New York Attractions with unlimited number of tourist spots to visit per day.  It is valid for 10 days, which means that if you are only here for a day you better make the most of your time and pick your most favorite places that you want to see.

 Make Time to Visit Brooklyn

Don’t underestimate what Brooklyn can offer. When you get here you can walk across the popular Brooklyn Bridge, eat pizza at Roberta’s, or enjoy the NY Transit Museum. If you have your New York pass, you can actually bike across the Brooklyn for free.

Stroll at New York Time Square

Spending some time in the midtown is definitely a great idea to just admire how beautiful the city is. However, don’t spend too much time just staring at the great cityscape. From the New York Time Square, feel free to explore other cities such as the Upper East Side, Union Square, or the Lower East Side.

Visit the Empire State Building

Your New York trip would not be complete without setting foot at the popular Empire State Building. If you have the New York Pass, you can skip the main ticket line and directly present it at the second floor access point.

Visiting New York is definitely a great idea if you want to have a whole new experience. You can come here alone or with your friends and have a wholesome a day tour. Just make sure you get your New York pass to get the most of this city even if you are here just for a day.

My Favorite Places in Australia

Australia is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and countless smaller islands. This is the biggest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth by total area.


Part fast-paced metropolis, part laid-back beach town, Sydney welcomes travelers who want to spend their days sunbathing at Bondi Beach, visiting the museums of Darling Harbour or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What’s more, Sydney features iconic sights like the Opera House and fun events, such as Vivid Sydney.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is easily one of the world’s top natural wonders. Its sheer size and beauty of life evermore impress the visitors. Even though you won’t be able to look at the entire reef, an air or boat tour or snorkeling or diving travel of this underwater marvel makes for unforgettable leisure.

Bora Bora

Travelers are searching for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation head to this doubly named island for its luxury hotels and romantic overwater bungalows. Here, you can spend the day exploring aquamarine waves, lush jungles, and towering volcanoes. 


Melbourne is Australia’s events capital, hosting seasonal activities like the Australian Open and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Even if you can’t visit for a significant event, the city offers a variety of tours and attractions. For a more leisurely vacation, sip a flat white at one of Melbourne’s many street cafes.


This island south of Australia draws adventurous visitors in crowds. Hikers can tour challenging paths at Wellington Park and Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park while water lovers snorkel, kayak and much more at Freycinet National Park. After an active day, unwind with a locally made cider, wine or whiskey in Hobart. 

Whitsunday Islands

 Into view of Australia’s northeastern coast, Hamilton Island is the main vacation point for water sports enthusiasts. The biggest inhabited island of the 74 that comprise Queensland’s Whitsundays, Hamilton Island making superb conditions for sailing and diving. If you’d rather stay on land, hike up Passage Peak, or dine at one of several waterfront restaurants.


The cosmopolitan city of Auckland glory a diverse population that fetch unique smack and traditions to the local culture. Add Auckland’s love for sports and natural allure – black sand beaches, clear blue waters, and volcanic peaks – and you’ve got a great attraction. 


Adelaide beckons to nature lovers and foodies. Deliberated the wine capital of this nation, South Australia city boasts over 200 wineries, including world-famous vineyards like Penfolds and Jacob’s Creek. Also, vacationers can admire gushing waterfalls at Waterfall Gully or look for wildlife on nearby Kangaroo Island.

Must-Try Foods in Australia

Of course, touring in Australia is not complete without trying some of its delicious delicacies.

  1. Australian Barbecue
  2. Chicken Parmigiana
  3. Crab sticks
  4. Barramundi
  5. Kangaroo meat
  6. Burgers
  7. Vegemite (on toast)
  8. Rolls
  9. Lamingtons
  10. Meat Pie

Gold Coast

Have you ever been to Gold Coast? Well, if you haven’t been in this wonderful city, it is time you spare a little time to visit and see its stunning seawaters. There are lots of activities you can enjoy in Gold Coast such as surfing, rollercoaster, and nightclubs.

Gold Coast is also packed with tourist all year round.  On the bright side, meeting a lot of people can actually be fun considering that the place is so big. Its iconic coastline stretches for more than 60 kilometres and boasts some of Australia’s best beaches. If you’re single, you might be able to meet your soul mate here.

What to see and do in Gold Coast

  • Immerse in the wonderful culture in Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre and watch some really good aboriginal dance performances.
  • Watch the kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Rend a surf board and enjoy the most popular water activity in the city. In fact, you can book yourself a lesson at Main Beach.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and this is a main Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It’s a progressive metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green places, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports advantages and zoo.

CN Tower

Toronto’s most amazing landmark, the 553-meter CN Tower, is one of the city’s must-see destination and also the most impossible to avoid. Tower above the downtown, this Canadian icon can be seen from everywhere in the city. You have the option of merely appreciating the building from the ground, or taking a trip up to one of the observation areas or restaurants for fabulous views over the city and Lake Ontario. 

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is famous as the ROM, is one of Canada’s old museums, with international fame for excellence. It houses an outstanding collection, which covers natural history, art, and culture from a great variety of periods from all over the world. It is also well-known for featuring exhibitions from across the globe.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

One of Toronto’s newest top fascinations is the Ripley’s Aquarium near the base of the CN Tower. This fantastic facility views all kinds of marine life and is one of the most famous things to do in Toronto for families.

The most impressive feature is the massive underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk. You can watch the ocean world go by all around you as sharks glide past and sawfish linger on the tunnel roof above. This could be an actual serene experience for all ages.

Rogers Centre

Immediately adjacent to the CN Tower is Rogers Centre, a massive domed sports arena and home to the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). The unique design includes a retractable roof, which slides back, allowing it in favorable weather. This mega-structure was completed in 1989 and can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators and is also use as a venue for other significant events, including concerts. 

Art Gallery of Ontario

The renowned Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is one of the largest museums in North America. The collection of more than 95,000 pieces includes works from around the world, from European masterpieces to contemporary art, but also holds an impressive array of Canadian Art, including a vast collection of works by the Group of Seven. A series of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Day Trip to Niagara Falls

A tour to Niagara Falls from Toronto is an easy way to see the falls if you don’t want to drive yourself. Tours offer hotel pickup and drop-off and include a Hornblower Niagara Cruise, which takes you up close to the wall of water tumbling that is the central Horseshoe Falls. Tours also stop at some of the key sites in the area, including Whirlpool Rapids, the Floral Clock, and the beautiful little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto zoo has an outstanding and diverse collection, with approximately 5,000 animals. Some of the favorites include pygmy hippos, lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins, orangutans, and many more. The zoo is divided into several sections, each representing a significant region of the globe. Some of the other highlights at the Toronto Zoo include the Gorilla Rainforest; the Tundra Trek, featuring polar bears; and the Great Barrier Reef.

City Hall & Nathan Phillips Square

Dominating the spacious Nathan Phillips Square with its bronze sculpture, The Archer, by Henry Moore, is the still highly acclaimed new City Hall. City Hall consists of two arc-shaped high-rise blocks, 20 and 27 stories high respectively, wrapped around a lower central building topped by a flattened arch.

High Park

High Park is a vast green space with sunken gardens, hanging basket gardens, nature trails, natural ponds, and streams. The 165-acre country property, initially owned by the Howards, was deeded to the City of Toronto in 1873. This deed came with the stipulation that the park was to remain “for the free use, benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of Toronto, and it is called High Park.”

Must Try Foods in Toronto

1. Macarons from Nadège Patisserie

2. Roti from Gandhi Roti

3. Churros from Pancho’s Bakery

4. Peameal bacon on a bun from Carousel Bakery

5. Roast cauliflower from Fat Pasha

6. Bagels from St Urbain Bagel

7. Khao soi from Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

We hope you get to enjoy the beauty of Toronto!…

Must See Attractions in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is one of the densest and most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. A famous filming attraction, it’s surrounded by mountains, and also has a thriving art, theatre, and music scenes. Vancouver Art Gallery is famous for its works by local artists, while the Museum of Anthropology houses preeminent First Nations collections.

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 50,000 attractive animals from the Arctic to the Amazon. Be sure to see daily dolphin, shark, and sea otter shows, and for never-to-be-forgotten extra, attempts a hands-on animal encounter.

H.R. Macmillan Space Centre

No trip to Vancouver would be finished without a tour to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, BC’s top space location that brings the amazement of space to Earth while providing a personal sense of ongoing discovery. The entire family kids, adults— there’s something for everyone.

Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours

Here you can take a step aboard one these old-fashioned horse-drawn vehicles and take a fresh trip through the natural charm of Stanley Park, Vancouver’s number one destination.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

You can go to VanDusen Botanical Garden, an inspiring 55-acre outdoor oasis with over 7,500 plant species and varieties. Spot and photograph local wildlife, relax the hedge maze with the kids and relax in a serene setting situated in the middle of Vancouver.

Vancouver Lookout

This is situated in downtown Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Lookout, at the height of 130 meters, is an outstanding place to survey the city and plan – or reflect upon – your day.

Vancouver Art Gallery

This extremely-acclaimed collection of national and international contemporary art is value spending at least an afternoon to have a look. Don’t miss to collect work by the famous British Columbian artist Emily Carr.

Science World

Ignite your mind and find the amazement of science with the favorite, hands-on interactive displays, inspirational landmark exhibitions, jaw-dropping science accomplishment on Centre Stage, immersive films in the domed OMNIMAX® Theatre and awesome shows in the Science Theatre.

A Great Vacation Spot!

Be sure to take family and friends to this beautiful island. We went with other business owners to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

We celebrated 10 years in business as the #1 rated painting company in Arizona (you can check us out (www.BGBpainting.com) and went with other business owners in the real estate and home improvement areas. We rented boats and tour guides and had a blast. This vacation is highly recommended.

Things You Need to Bring For Your Trip To India

Going to India can be a great experience. However, this is a country like no other. And, you need a couple of things that will make your trip to India a lot easier. You need to know that India is a really hot and humid country, and they have some rules about clothing that people are wearing. Especially, when it comes to women. With this guide, you will know the top three things that you need to pack on your trip to India.

Comfortable shoes and quality flip flops

There are two things that you need to know about packing shoes on your Indian trip. The first one is that you should have really comfortable shoes. If you think that you can walk the streets of India on high-heels, then you are mistaken. Finding comfortable shoes there that your feet will be used to, is really hard to find.

The second thing is that the beach can get really hot. So, walking without shoes on the beach isn’t something that you can consider doing. Even if you love walking without shoes on the beach. You are just going to end up with blisters. So, you should pack some quality flip flops that will be great for walking on the beach as well. 

Your prescription medication and heat-resistant probiotics

Finding the exact same medication that you have in India is going to be hard to impossible. So, you should make sure that you are packing all your prescription medication for the period that you are in India. Even if this means that you should pack three or six months, of medication. You will not find your medication in India, and you can’t go without your prescription medication.

The other thing that you should pack with you, is some heat-resistant probiotics. To ensure that your body and organs are protected against the heat of India.

Modest clothing that is made from cool material 

Wearing clothing that is short, and modern, isn’t going to work in India. They won’t allow you in most of the buildings and tourists attractions. This is why you should make sure that you are packing modest clothing and not your best and most modern clothing for a trip to India. And, the clothing should be made from cool material and that will protect your skin from the sun’s heat.

With these three things that you need to pack for your trip to India, you will have the best possible experience. And, you will know that the most essential items are in your bag. Then, you can experience India and have the best possible time. 

Swim suit for swimming

Indian women don’t traditionally wear swim suits so it is hard to find a good selection of swim wear in India. You may find imported swim wear but they can cause a fortune. If you have plans to swim in some private resorts, it is best to bring your own swim wear.


You may want to pack some deodorant, hair conditioner, tampons, and sunscreen with you. You should bring travel packs or repacked them to make it less burdensome for you. The thing is, you may not get the quality of products you’re used to in India. Bringing your own stuff will ensure you are comfortable throughout your tour.…