Things To Remember Before Touring NYC

Do you only have a day to tour in New York? That is not a problem. There are many places to go in New York that will make your day tour truly remarkable.

New York is one of the modern cities of the United States where the iconic Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park Broadway Theatre are located. If you are only here for a day, here are some of the important things you should know before visiting this city.

Get Your New York Pass

New York is a big city with lots of things to do and see. First time travellers can really make use of the New York Pass to save time, money, and enjoy a stress-free sightseeing.

Your New York Pass includes a pick from over 100 New York Attractions with unlimited number of tourist spots to visit per day.  It is valid for 10 days, which means that if you are only here for a day you better make the most of your time and pick your most favorite places that you want to see.

 Make Time to Visit Brooklyn

Don’t underestimate what Brooklyn can offer. When you get here you can walk across the popular Brooklyn Bridge, eat pizza at Roberta’s, or enjoy the NY Transit Museum. If you have your New York pass, you can actually bike across the Brooklyn for free.

Stroll at New York Time Square

Spending some time in the midtown is definitely a great idea to just admire how beautiful the city is. However, don’t spend too much time just staring at the great cityscape. From the New York Time Square, feel free to explore other cities such as the Upper East Side, Union Square, or the Lower East Side.

Visit the Empire State Building

Your New York trip would not be complete without setting foot at the popular Empire State Building. If you have the New York Pass, you can skip the main ticket line and directly present it at the second floor access point.

Visiting New York is definitely a great idea if you want to have a whole new experience. You can come here alone or with your friends and have a wholesome a day tour. Just make sure you get your New York pass to get the most of this city even if you are here just for a day.