The Best Hotels Near Downtown San Antonio

When having a vacation, many of us would want to stay in a place that has access to food. Obviously, there is no better place than staying in the downtown area considering the many facilities that surround it. If you are more like a city girl than an urban traveler, we have listed the best hotels that are located near the downtown area in San Antonio.

Hotel Emma

This hotel does not have any on-site spa but it offers great rooms for tired travelers. Located in downtown San Antonio, Hotel Emma is perfect for tourists who want to bike around the city as it offers a complimentary bike for its guests. The rooms are large enough and each room is exceptionally styled and furnished.

Mokara Hotel & Spa

Located near the San Antonio’s River Walk, this hotel is an ideal place for travelers who desire for comfort and style. It features spacious and elegant rooms within an impeccable dining and downtown location. We just love the swimming pool on the rooftop. Every room also has a balcony that lets you enjoy looking over the River Walk. The rooms are fresh and breezy amidst the located in a busy area. One thing we love is that this hotel is a pet-friendly one which means you can tag your fur best friend along with you to enjoy its huge rooms

St. Anthony

Originally built in 1909, St. Anthony remains to be a wonderful romantic hotel destination. It features an upscale restaurant called REbelle where you can take your data with you. The rooms are cozy and the interiors are very elegant. Since it is located downtown, it is close to the Buckhom Saloon and Museum.

Hyatt Regency

Surrounded by a plush green golf course, Hyatt Regency hotel feels very Texan. The style and character follows the Ranch Style. You are going to love its natural settings much more because of the Windflower Hill Country Spa. It is hard to remember that you can be in the city when you stay at the Hyatt Regency allowing you to have more relaxation time with your significant other. You have the option to stroll around the surroundings and talk about good times or simply take a dip in their spa and enjoy a romantic date together.