Things You Need to Bring For Your Trip To India

Going to India can be a great experience. However, this is a country like no other. And, you need a couple of things that will make your trip to India a lot easier. You need to know that India is a really hot and humid country, and they have some rules about clothing that people are wearing. Especially, when it comes to women. With this guide, you will know the top three things that you need to pack on your trip to India.

Comfortable shoes and quality flip flops

There are two things that you need to know about packing shoes on your Indian trip. The first one is that you should have really comfortable shoes. If you think that you can walk the streets of India on high-heels, then you are mistaken. Finding comfortable shoes there that your feet will be used to, is really hard to find.

The second thing is that the beach can get really hot. So, walking without shoes on the beach isn’t something that you can consider doing. Even if you love walking without shoes on the beach. You are just going to end up with blisters. So, you should pack some quality flip flops that will be great for walking on the beach as well. 

Your prescription medication and heat-resistant probiotics

Finding the exact same medication that you have in India is going to be hard to impossible. So, you should make sure that you are packing all your prescription medication for the period that you are in India. Even if this means that you should pack three or six months, of medication. You will not find your medication in India, and you can’t go without your prescription medication.

The other thing that you should pack with you, is some heat-resistant probiotics. To ensure that your body and organs are protected against the heat of India.

Modest clothing that is made from cool material 

Wearing clothing that is short, and modern, isn’t going to work in India. They won’t allow you in most of the buildings and tourists attractions. This is why you should make sure that you are packing modest clothing and not your best and most modern clothing for a trip to India. And, the clothing should be made from cool material and that will protect your skin from the sun’s heat.

With these three things that you need to pack for your trip to India, you will have the best possible experience. And, you will know that the most essential items are in your bag. Then, you can experience India and have the best possible time. 

Swim suit for swimming

Indian women don’t traditionally wear swim suits so it is hard to find a good selection of swim wear in India. You may find imported swim wear but they can cause a fortune. If you have plans to swim in some private resorts, it is best to bring your own swim wear.


You may want to pack some deodorant, hair conditioner, tampons, and sunscreen with you. You should bring travel packs or repacked them to make it less burdensome for you. The thing is, you may not get the quality of products you’re used to in India. Bringing your own stuff will ensure you are comfortable throughout your tour.